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Picture of Sara and Jude Fernandez

Sara and Jude Fernandez

Hello, my name is Jude. My wife Sara Ding (owner of Juicing-for-Health.com) and I have a passion to travel this glorious world of ours and bask in all it has to offer. We began this journey in 2011 and have travelled quite a bit in these few years. Both of us enjoy interacting with different cultures, eating new foods and experiencing unique lifestyles.

Yes, I have a day-time job with a “corner office”, I drive a transit bus. This job exposes me to a great big exciting world out there of diverse cultures, habits & peculiarities that I want to know more about. I am so in awe every time we visit a new country and get to know their traditions, beliefs, food choices, etc..

As you surf through this website, I do believe you will feel the same passion I feel about traveling and that the useful tips on different countries, cities, languages, foods, currencies, transportation, accommodations will help you plan your next adventure to your easiest convenience and comfort.

A lot of the pictures on this site are clicked by Sara and to her keen eye, I owe the beauty that I am able to share with you.